Beef Trotters (Paye) گائے کے پائے – A Must Try Pakistani Recipe

Beef Trotters (Paye)
Beef Paye |

Easy and Delicious Beef Trotters (Paye) Recipe

The Yummiest Winter Food,  The Cool Weather, and the Hot Delicious Beef Trotters (Paye) گائے کے پائے ! Ahaa!! Nothing Like it!  But The Perfect Beef Trotters (Paye) گائے کے پائے are not easy to make because it's very time taking. For me the best cooked trotters are, soft & tender like Cotton and with very balanced spices. So I always cook this dish almost 6 to 7 hours or more. I don't use tomatoes to make its gravy however my recipe has very delicious and tasteful gravy. If you follow my recipe I will guarantee you that your Paya dish will be very tasteful and yummy!

Served With Naan's and it's all Condiments *Lawazmaat* (Lemon Wedges, Green Chili, Fresh chopped Cilantro & Julienne Cut Ginger) Yummy!!

So let's start the recipe of Beef Trotters (Beef Paya)
Beef Trotters (Paye)
Beef Paya |

Beef Trotters (Paya) Recipe


Ingredients for Paya Stock: 

  • Beef Trotters (Paya) - 2 (Well Washed & Boiled 10 min then discard the water & wash again) 
  • Onions - 2 (Cut into Two Pieces) 
  • Garlic Pods - 2 
  • Ginger - 1 Big Piece 
  • Salt - To Taste 
  • Cloves - 5 to 7 
  • Black Pepper Corns - 1 Table Spoon 
  • Bay Leaves - 2 to 3

Ingredients For Trotters Gravy: 

  • Onions - 2 to 3 Medium (Sliced) 
  • Ginger Garlic Paste - 1 Table Spoon 
  • Salt - To Taste (Remember The Stock Of Trotters Is Also Salty) 
  • Red Chili Powder - 2 Tea Spoons
  • Dry Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder - 1 Table Spoon (Optional, For Giving The Nice Red Color)
  • Turmeric (Haldi) powder - Half Tea Spoon 
  • Coriander Powder - 1 Table Spoon 
  • Whole Spice Powder (Garam Masala) - 1 Table Spoon 
  • Cooking Oil - Half Cup

Cooking Method:

  1. 1. Take a deep and big pot and add all ingredients with lots of water (4 to 6 liter or more) and cook on high flame till a boil comes then reduce the heat on very slow for about 4 to 6 hours till one-liter water is left. 

  2. 2. Now strain the stock (yakhni) and take out Trotters into another bowl. Discard all remaining ingredients of stock. Heat the oil add sliced onions and fry till light golden then take out fried onions into a blender jug and blend it with little water. 

  3. (#Note some people use yogurt in it so if you prefer that recipe then you may also add 1 Cup of yogurt into the blender (no water) when you blend the onions. But personally, I prefer without yogurt recipe) 

  4. 3. On the other hand add ginger garlic paste in oil then add all ingredients (spices) and saute, Add the blended onions paste and cook till oil comes on the surface. 

  5. 4. Now add cooked Trotters and mix well with the fried spices then add trotters stock and stir well. 5. Cover the lid and cook again for half an hour or till the desired consistency. Serve Hot!! 

  1. Enjoy With Paye Condiments. (Lemon Wedges, Green Chili, Fresh Cilantro & Julienne Cut Ginger) and Tandoori Naan.

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Beef Trotters (Paye)
Beef Paya |

Paye is the dish usually eaten in winters, however, this is a very famous Punjabi breakfast all around the year. Punjab’s people enjoy this dish with Naan/Kulcha and a glass of Lassi.

Recipe by Dua Fasih

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