Afghani Pulao / Kabuli Pulao (Afghani Pilaf / Kabuli Pilaf)

Afghani Pulao / Kabuli Pulao
Afghani Pulao |

Authentic Afghani Pulao (Afghan Pilaf) Recipe

Afghani Pulao or Kabuli Pulao or simple Afghan Pilaf is a traditional Afghan dish and no celebration is complete without this super delicious dish.
Afghani Pulao / Kabuli Pulao
Afghani Pulao |

The Very Famous and Superlicious Pulao, the Afghani Pulao / Kabuli Pulao is the specialty of  Afghani Cuisine. This easy yet super delicious recipe is made with very simple ingredients with very tender and Soft Meat. I just love it!! 💖💖💖
The Carrot and Raisins Topping give an extra yummilicious flavor of sweet and Savoury taste together! 😋😋😋
I made this recipe by following a very Authentic Recipe from Afghan Cuisines. I didn't add any fusion to this. Make a very Traditional, Authentic and Restaurant style Kabuli Pulao at Home and enjoy the same taste as 5-star restaurants.

Let’s start this delicious recipe of Afghani Pulao / Kabuli Pulao 


Ingredients for Meat Stock: 

  • Meat of your choice - Beef / Lamb / Mutton, 1 Kg big size cubes with very little fat and bones (at least 3 to 4 inches of length & thickness) but the meat of shank goes better for this recipe
  •  Onions - thinly sliced, 2 Medium 
  • Garlic - 1 Table Spoon (Fresh and Finely Crushed) 
  • Salt - To Taste
  •  Cooking oil - Quarter Cup 
  • Ghee - Quarter Cup (#Note, I like Ghee in Some Special Dishes Like Pulao, Biryani, Qorma, Etc.. But it's All Up To You, You Can Skip & Add 1/3 Cup Of Oil Only) 

Ingredients For Afghani Pulao Special Spice (Masala)

  • White Cumin Seeds - 1 Table Spoon
  • Cinnamon Stick - 1 Piece (3 to 4 Inches Long) 
  • Black Cardamom - 2 (Take Out The Seeds & Discard The Pod) 
  • Green Cardamom - 5 to 6 (Take Out The Seeds & Discard The Pod) 
  • Black pepper Corns - 12 to 15 

Ingredients For Rice: 

  • *Cooked Meat+Stock - (which we have prepared earlier) 

  • Rice - (Sella Rice), 750 Grams (Soaked before 2 hours at least) 

  • Salt - To Taste (just to adjust the taste) 

  • Sugar - 2 Table Spoons 

**Afghani Pulao Spice Mix - *Fresh and homemade Ingredients For Topping:

  •  Carrots - (Julienne Cut) 1 & Half Cup OR 2 Cups (As Per Choice) 
  • Sultanas (Black Raisins) - 1/3 Cup (Clean & Stem Free) 
  • Cooking Oil - Quarter Cup (for Carrot & Raisins Frying) 
  • Sugar - 1 Table Spoon (Heaped) Cooking Oil - 2 to 3 Table Spoons (For Meat Frying, (just to give a nice shine)


STEP#1: Prepare the Meat Stock

  1. Heat the oil add onion and fry till brown (a little dark brown would be fine because it will give a nice color to rice)
  1. Add garlic paste and mix, add a dash of water just because the onion will not burn.
  1. Add meat and salt. (add salt to meat stock and for rice too so add a little extra. We will adjust salt after adding rice, that's the key of tasty meat of Afghani pulao)
  1. Fry meat till it changes the color (8 to 10 minutes) now add water. Cover the pot with a lid and let it cook on high flame for 10 minutes then slow the flame till meat soft and tender. (We need very tender and soft meat for this dish!)

STEP#2: Prepare Afghani Pulao Masala Spice Mix

  1. On the other hand, make Afghani pulao Masala by grinding coarsely all Afghani pulao Masala ingredients. (Don't make it powder form, just grind coarsely)

STEP#3: Prepare Afghani Pulao (Kabuli Pilaf/Pulao)

  1. After the meat is tender, take out the cooked meat from the stockpot into the bowl and cover. Keep the remaining stock aside.
  1. To Caramelize: Take a big pot and put on medium flame add sugar and do not stir, wait for caramelized then mix the sugar and add all meat stock into it.
  1. Adjust the salt & water quantity according to your taste and add enough water according to your rice quality.
  1. Meanwhile, take a frying pan and add oil then fry cooked meat again for the nice and shiny meat. Fry just for 2 to 3 minutes only.
  1. Cook rice well till water dries.
  1. Now add Afghani Pulao Masala (which made before) and mix well, & place meat with oil on top. Now put it on simmer (dum)

STEP#3: To Assemble Afghani Pulao (Kabuli Pulao)

(#Note: I don't mention the water quantity just because it depends on which meat you are using. If you use beef then you should use extra water than the mutton or lamb meat. But Remember the stock will remain 3 to 4 cups after tendering the meat. So you should add 5 to 8 full cups of water according to your meat.)
(#Tip: I always place a flat skillet (tawa) under the rice pot when I put rice on dum. It helps the rice to cook evenly and it prevents the rice sticking from the pot)
Take a frying pan, add oil, Carrots, and raisins and fry for about 2 minutes. Add sugar and mix, cook 1 more minute or 2.
(#Note: In Winter seasons carrots usually get tender quickly, so I added carrots and raisins both at the same time, otherwise fry carrots first, then add raisins after 2 to 3 minutes)
Now take out the cooked rice into a serving dish, place meat on top and pour carrots and raisins with their oil. And your yummilicious & authentic Afghani pulao is ready to Serve.
Afghani Pulao / Kabuli Pulao
Afghani Pulao |

Serve Hot and Enjoy!! 😋😋😋

Recipe by Dua Fasih

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