How to Prevent Hair Loss

How to Prevent Hair Loss

When the weather changes, some people notice they're losing more hair than usual. Why does this happen, and how can we stop it? One way is to use a shampoo that suits our hair and massage it into our scalp to give our hair more oxygen. But that's just one way to prevent hair loss. What are some other ways to keep our hair from falling out?

Take care of your diet

Healthy Diet for Hair Loss

Why does what we eat matter for our hair? It matters a lot! To have strong and healthy hair, we need to eat foods with lots of vitamins and protein. Things like kiwis, oranges, spinach, peas, fish (for magnesium), and eggs (for vitamin B12) are especially good for keeping our hair in great shape.

Avoid Stress

Avoid Stress

Stress and anxiety are big problems nowadays, and they can make you lose hair. To feel better, you can try doing things like yoga, running, Pilates, or even just getting a nice massage. Just give something a try to let go of some tension.

Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin Supplements

Taking vitamin pills is a usual way to stop hair loss. But remember, they're not a magic fix – more like an extra boost to the other things we talked about earlier. Also, it's important to check with your doctor before taking them.

Myths: Dyeing your Hair is Harmful

How to Prevent Hair Loss

Let's clear up some stories about hair dye. Not all hair dyes make your hair fall out. The ones we have nowadays are really advanced and good and can even make your scalp healthier. Of course, there are some cheap ones that can harm your hair so avoid using the cheaper options. Always go for the reliable and trusted brands.

Myths: Hats, Head Scarfs & Caps

How to Prevent Hair Loss-Caps

Another myth involves caps and hats. No, they do not cause hair loss. However, it is advisable to keep them washed and clean.

The Hairdryer

The Hairdryer

The hot air from a hairdryer can make your hair proteins weak, and if you use it a lot, you might lose a bunch of hair. So, if you can, let your hair dry by itself. If you have to use the dryer, keep it on low heat and far from your hair.

Cure & Home Remedies

- The magic of aloe vera

Aloe vera is like magic for your hair. While it's not exactly magical, it's pretty close. If you put the gooey stuff from inside the aloe vera on your hair, let it dry, and then wash it off, your hair will fall out less, and it will shine more than ever.

- Green Tea and Hair Loss

How to Prevent Hair Loss - Green Tea

Green tea has a tremendous number of antioxidants that don't just slow down the fall of the hair but also strengthen it. You can poor the green tea into your hair while showering and repeat the process every fifteen days.

- Essential Oils

How to Prevent Hair Loss - Oils

Almond oil is great for making hair grow because it's full of healthy nutrients. To use it right, just take two drops and gently rub them into your scalp.

- Cabbage and Hair Loss

Cabbage and Hair Loss

The different types of cabbage can be used to make a mask that prevents hair loss. Let the cabbage soak for two hours, pass it through the blender and give your hair a bath with the resulting cream. Afterwards, remove the cream with plenty of warm water.

- Lentils

Lentils - Hair Loss

As everyone knows, lentils contain a tremendous amount of iron. If we combine them with vitamin C, they will boost circulation and oxygenate the cells, which favors the healthy development of the hair follicle.

- Egg Whites

Egg whites

If you see a lot of hair falling out lately, try beating four egg whites and put them on your scalp. Massage it in circles and leave it for 30 minutes. Then wash it off with warm water. The egg white stuff makes your hair follicles stronger.

- The After Effects of Giving Birth

The After Effects of Giving Birth

When women's hormones change, it can sometimes make them lose hair, especially after having a baby. If your hair starts falling out after the first few months of having a baby, it's a good idea to talk to your doctor.

- Nettle is Good for Hair

Nettle and Hair Loss

Nettle has stuff that stops hair loss and makes it stronger. Try massaging a nettle mask onto your scalp before bed. Make the mask by boiling nettle leaves and apple cider vinegar in water for ten minutes. Let it sit for thirty minutes, then strain out the bits and apply.

- Hair Message for Hair Loss

Hair Massage for Hair Loss

If you can afford, getting a professional hair massage is not just relaxing but also helps with a hair loss problem called alopecia (an illness that causes your hair to fall out). The massage boosts blood flow and makes the hair roots stronger. It's even better if they use coconut, olive, or almond oil for the massage.

- Onions are Good

Onions and Hair Loss

People have used onions for cuts and skin issues, but they can also help prevent hair loss. The sulfur in onions makes the blood flow better to the hair roots.

- Anemia & its Consequences

Anemia and its consequences

If your iron levels are too low, you might have anemia, which can make your hair fall out. If this happens, you should definitely talk to a doctor who can help you.

- Beetroots are Helpful

Beetroots are Helpful
Even though beets can stain, it's worth trying them to fight hair loss. Just cut a beet in half and rub it on your scalp. Leave it on for thirty minutes, then wash it off with warm water. And don't worry, the color comes off easily!

- Garlic & Hair Loss

Garlic, whether raw or mixed with water, can help you prevent hair loss. Just be prepared for the strong smell!

- Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is like liquid gold because it's packed with good stuff. It's a great friend in the fight against hair loss, and it'll make your hair shiny and soft. Just take a few drops, massage your whole head for fifteen minutes, and if you do this every other day, you'll notice your hair getting better.

Note: Frequent use of hair ties and clips that are too tight can make roots weak and cause hair to fall.

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