Winter Recipes Roundup

Winter Recipes Roundup

Welcome to a roundup of popular and traditional Pakistani winter recipes that everyone loves to eat in cold season!

During the cold winter season, warming and comforting foods are what we crave. These winter-inspired Pakistani dishes are very easy to make, filling, and nourishing. Best of all, they are delicious & flavorful to keep you happy. I have organized this winter recipes round-up for you to enjoy this winter season more than ever. 

These super-hit easy Pakistani Recipes are flavorful and super easy to follow. Our Pakistani recipes are both in Urdu and in English with simple instructions. Get best Pakistani Recipes in Urdu only on Our Cuisines. Quick and easy Pakistani Recipes which you can follow to make your daily meals tasty and delicious. Explore our blog to get authentic Pakistani recipes. Here you can find best Pakistani dishes recipes in Urdu.


Pakistani Cuisine is almost similar to Indian Cuisine. But Pakistani cuisine itself is as flavorful and varied as Indian cuisine. Pakistani recipes have so many variations in meat, pulses, and vegetables, although most of the spices are the same in both cuisines.

Pakistan is famous for its Moghul-inspired cuisine, including pulaosbiryaniskababs, and Qormas. In contrast with India, Pakistan is known for its heavier use of meat, particularly beef.

A Warm Bowl of Chicken Corn Soup

Healthy Chicken Corn Soup Recipe

This Healthy Chicken Corn soup is your quick winter fix. It includes a combination of chicken stock and corn for some warm goodness. If you’re feeling slightly under the weather, we can assure you this Healthy Chicken Corn soup Recipe will make you feel nourished, refreshed and healthy for the cold season.

Hearty & Healthy Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup

A bowl of warm tomato soup is all you need this cold winter. Its filling, flavor packed, healthy and low calorie food with numerous health benefits including weight loss. It can be very beneficial for those who want to lose some extra pounds, isn’t it a delicious way to lose some weight?

Delicious Winter Dessert "Gajrela"

Shahi Gajrela One of the most d

One of the most delicious Gajrela recipe you could prepare this winter season. A must try shahi dessert "Shahi Gajrela"

Homemade Creamy Coffee

Coffee Recipe

Creamy Hand Beaten Foamy Coffee Recipe all at home. You don't need any fancy tools to make the coffee you always love.

A Hot Cup of Kashmiri Tea

Kashmiri Chai (Pink Tea)

This Kashmiri Chai (Pink Tea) tea is cozy, sweet, thick, creamy, flavourful and deep pink. Plus, it tastes and looks more delicious when garnished with crushed Pistachios.

Winter's Traditional Sarson ka Saag

Sarson ka Saag

Winter's almost upon us and I'm making a very traditional, very earthy sarson ka saag. Saag simply means a puree of different leafy greens, and sarson means mustard (here, the greens only). So, this dish is called sarson ka saag.

Traditional & Desi Makkai Ki Roti

Makkai ki Roti

Eat Sarson ka Saag Recipe with Makkai ki roti for the tastiest meal you'll have in a while. If you try these recipes, you won't try anything else anymore.

Fish Masala Curry

Fish Masala Curry

Fish Masala Curry is a perfect recipe for the winter season.

A Delicious Bowl of Beef Trotters (Paye)

Beef Trotters (Paye)

The Yummiest Winter Food, The Cool Weather, and the Hot Delicious Beef Trotters (Paye) گائے کے پائے ! Ahaa!! Nothing Like it!

Winter's Special Panjiri


Let’s make a healthy and nutritional supplement “Panjeeri” specially made in winters for centuries; there are many ways to make it, here is our version.

Winter's Special Gajar Ka Halwa (Carrot Halwa)

Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar ka Halwa, a delicious winter dessert made with the rich hue of carrots that you don’t need to grate. Try this quick, easy and mouth-watering traditional dessert.


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